Instagram announces the end of the swipe feature

instagram swipe up

“The Verge” has revealed that the swipe-up feature will no longer be available, as Instagram plans to stop the feature, which allows people to visit external web pages by swiping, starting August 30, according to a notice viewed by the site and confirmed by Instagram.

Instead of a swipe link, Instagram says people will be able to use link stickers, which are just what they sound like: clickable stickers in Stories that take people to external websites, and the company says it will stop swiping up — a feature that spawned its own category. of GIFs in order to “simplify the story creation experience” and provide more “creative control”, since the uses can coordinate the appearance of the stickers and not scroll up.

the Website also added: “This update is based on a test that the company started earlier this summer. In June, Instagram started In testing these stickers for many users, not just people who already have the swipe-up privileges. (Users must be verified or have at least 10,000 followers to get the swipe up.)”, Vishal Shah, former head of products on Instagram, said: “The stickers fit more in the way people are currently using the platform. The goal was to spread the posters more widely. The main difference between the two features, apart from the obvious difference in gestures, is that viewers can respond to stories that have a link sticker, but cannot respond to swiping stories.”

And Instagram explained that only people who already have swipe privileges will get the sticker option, that the new feature is still being evaluated.

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