Windows 11 Beta: Latest New Features & Changes (September)

So it’s been a while since Microsoft initially released the Windows 11 insider previews update that anyone can install on their computer to get a, either developer or beta version of Windows 11. And actually they’ve been making changes and adding stuff since then, a month or two ago.

So I figured what we’ll talk about in this video are what those changes are?

There’s some new visual changes on some programs, as well, some outright features, and we can run over all of those. 

windows 11 new design taskbar and wallpaper

one big thing that Microsoft just released most recently, it’s not really a feature, but I think it still counts, is they have the ISO’s files. You can download Windows 11 Beta Version to install it in a clean way, before This was not possible. You had to set up the Windows Insider program, sign up for it on a computer, and then it would upgrade your Windows 10 to Windows 11 if your pc hardware meets meets system requirements .

But now with these ISO’s You can actually download it and do a clean install of the dev Channel or beta version of Windows 11 directly onto a computer. This is kind of a big deal. Later on in the video I will do a walkthrough and show you the actual installation process. It’s called the Out Of Box Experience. I’ll go through it relatively quickly. I’m not going to drag it out or anything, but I do want to point out that you do need to be still part of the windows 11 Insider program support to get these iso files.

Again, it’s free, you can enable it on your computer. But if you try to go to the ISO download Microsoft page, it’s going to tell you to log in. at the moment you probably can get the ISO from elsewhere. People have probably uploaded it. I’m just talking through the official Microsoft page. 

There are several builds for Windows 11 editions you can choose from in the iso Download page.

Alright so instantly let’s get into some actual updates. First, we’ll go over the one from the previous version, which is about last week at the time of recording. And then also the most recent build from like just a day ago. And we can go over basically all the main changes those have been since They released the initial preview.

Snipping Tool

First up, there is a new snipping tool. you probably know in Vista and even Windows 7, there was the snipping tool for taking screenshots in Windows. Then they replaced that and updated it with the Snip And Sketch tool in the latest Windows insider preview.

new windows 11 Snipping Tool
snipping tool windows 11

Well, I think they’re replacing both of them with a re-designed Snipping Tool in the (Build 22000.132 Update).and it almost is exactly the same as the Snip and Sketch tool, just renamed and visually updated, so the big change is first that it is visually updated to more be like the Windows 11 design theme, but they also added some other basic stuff, such as a new settings page.

But overall it kind of behaves exactly how you would expect the current Microsoft Windows Snip and Sketch tool. You can still do Things annotating the images after you take a screenshot, that sort of thing, so it’s really useful to take a screenshot on Windows 11.

The other apps that were updated in that update were the calculator, mail, and calendar apps.

Mail and calendar apps 

 mail and calendar in windows 11 update

So the mail and calendar apps pretty cool just got a visual upgrade, to again, be like the windows lemon design theme, not really any latest features, apparently that they mentioned at least. So anything that is, is just going to be extremely minor.


calculator new update design in windows 11

for the calculator. is actually a little bit more interesting because yes, they of course updated the visuals to be consistent with Windows 11 new update, but apparently they also rewrote the program in C# programming language. And also open-sourced it on GitHub. 

I believe it has been open source for a while, but apparently they rewrote it in C# and actually opened it up to be possibly contributed by anyone who wants to on GitHub. 

if you are a programmer and you know how to write in C#, which I believe is what a lot of .NET Microsoft apps is based off of, then you can go on. If you want to add a feature, you can make a pull request, they’ll maybe review it. If it’s good enough, it’ll be actually added into the official Windows calculator app, who knows? So that’s kind of cool. So those were the changes in the previous build.

Now we can get onto the ones in the most recent build, which was released on August 19th (Build 22000.160 Update).

There was one kind of minor update. And then there was one significant major feature update that they added, which I’m kind of excited about.

I guess if you have family accounts tied to your Microsoft account. It’s on the new windows 11 widgets panel, nothing too exciting there, but I’m glad that they’re adding more widgets. And again, I’m not a hundred percent sure if they’ll allow third-party widgets to be added, but it’s good that they’re adding more. That’s good hope for it.

Clock App

So the latest big new feature update in the latest build of Windows 11 that they were writing on the blog pretty extensively, is for the clock app. “What? How is that possibly exciting?” But hold on, it actually is. Because it’s more than a clock.

windows 11 clock update
windows 11 clock

of course there’s the clock in the bottom right, I’m not talking about that, but the actual clock app, that you open it up and it can do other stuff like timer or whatever. Of course that has new visuals in this Windows 11 update, but also they added something called Focus Sessions feature.

the idea is you set this focus timer for whatever amount of time you want, and then it will help you remove distractions and also kind of put you in a work mode. For example, it can connect to your Spotify account and start playing a dedicated playlist that you’d know helps you work better or something similar to that. 

It’ll connect to that as well as integrates with Microsoft To Do, which is Microsoft’s to-do list. It has some other features besides that, but basically it allows you to keep track What you have to do, check it off. 

But what’s also cool is with this focus session thing, you can also make stuff like daily goals, and then it’ll show you how far along you are for that goal. How much percentage you’ve accomplished, sort of as a way to gamify it so you can kind-of play against yourself and try to get stuff done.

maybe this focus session mode will keep you reminded, like you see that timer going, you stay on task, because you keep being reminded we’re in focus mode, that sort of thing. So I think it’s pretty cool. And maybe there’ll be adding additional features in the future to further reduce distractions and stuff.

Anyway windows 11 problems are a lot so you may face many known issues in your daily usage. So, yeah, cool that Microsoft is still adding features to Windows 11 with insider program. You know, there’s nothing too groundbreaking that I’ve seen. Nothing is like a must have, that will force me to update from Windows 10. But you know, some nice Features still need developer attention for future updates.

Download Official Windows 11 ISO file.